The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) is an international technology industry trade association established over four decades ago to promote open markets, open systems, open networks, and full, fair and open competition in the computer, telecommunications and Internet industries. Members include some of the world’s leading computer, Internet, information technology, and telecommunications companies, as well as manufacturers, software developers, service providers, re-sellers, integrators, and financial services companies.

We advance the broad common interests of the diverse industries we represent by defining, developing, and advocating for a wide range of policies – from internet freedom and e-commerce to privacy and trade.

Founded in 1972 by seven CEOs of tech companies to advocate for tech and competition policy in D.C., CCIA has grown to be a leading voice for technology policy today. Over time CCIA has taken up many important fights: speaking out on IBM’s anti-competitive actions, helping change policies to allow more early investment in innovative companies, supporting the Competition and Contracting Act and sensible trade controls in the 80s, lobbying for more competition and updates in the 1996 Telecommunications Act, supporting the FCC’s path toward better Open Internet Rules, and helping USTR and Congress identify and fight barriers in the fastest growing sector — digital trade.

As a vital link between policymakers and the tech industry, CCIA examines how government policies impacts our member companies, but also how policies will affect the next generation of disruptive innovation. With offices in Brussels and Washington D.C., CCIA represents member companies that  employ almost one million workers and generate more than $540 billion in annual revenue. Membership is open for all interested companies.